The Easiest Way to Provide Online Statement Access For Your Clients

If you are looking for ways to provide a higher level of customer service and increase customer engagement, while reducing the costs associated with printing and mailing statements, you should consider using e-statement software to create electronic statements, allowing customers a convenient way to check their accounts and do business.

Doxim e-statements are designed for organizations that already deliver print statements and want to also convert them into electronic format for access through a secure web banking or brokerage portal. Doxim e-statements allows your print documents, like customer statements, reports and checks, to be captured and made available online, providing customers and staff with quick, secure web based access to these documents in a format familiar to the customer.

It Only Takes 20%

eStatements diagramIf you can achieve a customer opt-in of 15-20% for monthly e-statements an e-Statement initiative pays for itself. As more customers opt in these savings increase further. Doxim’s clients enjoy average opt-in rates of 55%, with some achieving greater than 95%.

Improve customer service while reducing costs

Increase Customer Convenience And Access To Statements

  • Deliver electronic statements in a format familiar to the customer
  • Allow customers to securely view, download and print their own statements
  • Provide a more convenient method to check current and past account statements
  • Provide access to archived statements as far back as seven years – or more

Improve Performance And Use Fewer Resources

  • Make it quick and easy for staff to locate and retrieve account statements
  • Ensure employees can respond to customer inquiries by consulting an exact image of the statement without having to sort through print records
  • Handle customer service calls in one step, without having to follow up after the appropriate record has been located

 Reduce Your Costs And Carbon Footprint

  • Cut your print and mail costs dramatically
  • Reduce your paper usage and contribute to corporate green initiatives
  • Archive statements electronically, eliminating document storage and transportation costs

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