Statements & Reporting

Enhancing Your Statements, Reports, and Trade Confirmations

Your clients value client communications like account statements, reports, and trade confirmations, and they want them to be clear, easy to review, and available through their preferred channel at their convenience. We can help you satisfy these needs and keep your clients informed about the availability of their documents online. Years of experience in transactional document processing and delivery has allowed Doxim to gain a deep understanding of the imperatives surrounding print and electronic statement and trade confirm output. This has also helped us to develop many value-added statement services that reduce the considerable costs associated with transactional document production and output.

We stand ready to help you provide your clients with best-in-class business statements, reports and trade confirmations. With our statement and report processing capabilities, you can enhance customer service, increase customer loyalty, and use document marketing zones to promote cross-sell/up-sell offers.

Doxim provides a number of specific solutions to address your statement, report, and trade confirmation needs, including:

Personalized Statement Marketing
Statement marketing is an innovative way for you to improve the effectiveness of your marketing by placing targeted, relevant marketing messages directly onto statements.

Doxim’s e-statement service will save money and enhance your customer service by making it easy for customers to access their electronic statements online securely 24/7.

Doxim’s e-notification service lets you automatically notify clients via email when statements, confirms and other documents become available for online access.

Year End Tax

Doxim Tax pack is an  easy-to-use, highly secure service that wraps integrity, flexibility and value around tax form processing, output and delivery, while offering the opportunity for significant savings too.