Electronic Document Capture Software

Robust document scanning and indexing capabilities to enable efficient digitization

Handle the Complexities of Moving Assets while Keeping Customers in the Know

Easily scan, index and store critical business documents in an online repository, providing secure cross-organizational access to documents that would otherwise be impossible. Doxim Document Imaging is an affordable electronic document capture software that combines robust document scanning and indexing with an easy to use interface. Accessing documents online enhances customer service levels, provides much greater document security, improves compliance with comprehensive audit trails and reduces the need for on-site & off-site hard copy document storage.

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Doxim Document Imaging Includes

Quick Upload To Doxim ECM

Once documents are scanned and stored online, security and permissions can be set according to the users role in the organization so access to documents will be more secure.

Automatic Indexing Of Metadata

Documents can be scanned and put into ECM with little to no manual intervention due to automation tools available out of the box including automatic indexing, database lookup, and barcode scanning.

Flexible Deployment Models

Add workstations, scan from multiple locations and scale as required. Doxim Document Imaging saves you money by allowing you to use existing hardware (scanners, printers, and computers).

See Doxim Document Imaging in Action

Move towards paperless banking with Doxim Document Imaging! Let us show you how simple it is to archive your legacy paperwork with powerful scanning and indexing tools.

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