Document Imaging

The Easy Way to Scan and Capture Document Images for Online Access

The volume of paper that organizations process has increased ten-fold over the last five years.  As a result, the average worker wastes hours every week searching, retrieving and returning paper documents to hard copy filing systems. This makes document management a headache, unless you have a proper document imaging or document capture solution.

Doxim Document Imaging is affordable electronic document capture software that combines robust document scanning and indexing with an easy to use interface. Customer Engagement Platform DiagramIt allows users to easily scan, index and store critical business documents in an online repository, providing secure cross-organizational access to documents that would otherwise be impossible. Accessing documents online enhances customer service levels, provides much greater document security, improves compliance with comprehensive audit trails and reduces the need for on-site & off-site hard copy document storage.

Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency and Security

Reduce Costs

  • Automate and streamline all paper-based processes by moving them online
  • Save on storage costs and the expense of retrieving documents from storage
  • Reduce paper usage and handling by eliminating the need to reprint documents.

Improve Staff Efficiency and Customer Service

  • Save staff time – quickly retrieve documents online for customer service inquiries
  • Eliminate the need for staff to make inter-branch requests for hard copy documents
  • Provide secure, permissions-controlled online access to all business documents.

Improve Compliance and Security

  • Improve control, monitoring and reporting on document access
  • Demonstrate robust disaster recovery and business continuity strategies
  • Make it easier to have ‘clean’ audits by reducing/eliminating misplaced, misfiled or lost documents

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