Business Portal Integration for eDocument Access

Secure document access for end consumers and front-line staff

Enabling Mobile & Online Content Access

Your customers expect real-time access to their financial documents from anywhere, including their laptops and mobile devices. Doxim business portal integration offers a simple and elegant way to make your portal into a one stop shop for secure document access, so your customers can access these documents easily through your secure, branded banking or wealth management portal. The same technology can also be used to empower mobile advisors who want to access libraries of documents at the touch of a button rather than than having to carry around hard copies.

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Doxim Business Portal Integration Includes

Mobile Friendly Document Access

Responsive design offers real-time access to financial documents from anywhere, on PCs, smartphones or tablets.

Access to Archived Documents

Reduce costs and improve the customer experience by giving customers instant access to an archive of their statements, so they don’t have to request and wait for reprinted copies.

Single Point for Customer Contact

Allow customers to access e-documents using the same branded portal they use for other banking or money management activities.

Secure, Rules-Based Access Model

Using Doxim’s rules-based security, you determine exactly which e-documents users can and cannot view through the portal, ensuring the security of your business-critical documents.

Paperless Document Access for Mobile Advisors and Lenders

Integrating Doxim ECM with your banking or brokerage portal allows advisors to access a library of forms and documents securely while on the road.

Pre-Built Integrations to Banking Systems

Connect immediately to 20+ banking portals for seamless secure document access, or use a secure, web services API to make new integrations quick and easy.

See Doxim ECM in Action

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