Simplify and Speed Up Account Transfers

Security, accuracy,  speed, and better client experience with an automated workflow

Handle the Complexities of Moving Assets while Keeping Clients in the Know

Automate the account transfer process with Doxim Account Transfer, and your transfers will be completed quickly and accurately in a cost-effective manner, while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements and improving the overall customer experience. Behind the scenes, a system of complex business rules and workflows ensures that your firm communicates appropriately with the relinquishing firm during each step of the transfer process. Easy-to-use approval screens provide your staff with the information needed to quickly facilitate the approval of the transfers, while robust reports allow you to maintain compliance throughout the process.

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Doxim Account Transfers Features

A Complete Solution for Account Transfers

Whether you are processing electronic or paper-based account transfers, Doxim Account Transfers will make sure all the right information reaches the relinquishing firm, and no fields are overlooked or completed incorrectly.

Bidirectional Integrations

Leverage robust integrations to back office and third-party data sources to prevent the errors that stem from keying and re-keying transfer data manually.

Transparency and Accountability

Built in reporting and dashboards let you monitor the account transfer in-flight, so you can keep clients informed and ensure compliance with the regulations that govern your industry.

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