Account Transfers

Simplifying a Time-Sensitive Process

Doxim Account Transfer can be used to implement automated account transfers for financial advisors. Assets transfers have traditionally consisted of an array of manual processes that passed through many departments over multiple days. This approach is slow, expensive, and difficult to track.

Doxim Account Transfer handles the complexities of moving assets and keeps clients in the know. It automates the account transfer process so your transfers are done quickly and accurately in a cost-effective manner, maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements and improving the overall client experience. And a simple to use dashboard allows your advisors to track the in-flight status of their transfers at the touch of a button.

Configurable Workflows, Forms and Reports

Within Doxim Account Transfer, a system of complex business rules and workflows behind the scenes ensures that your firm communicates appropriately with the relinquishing firm during each step of the transfer process. These workflows and business rules can be reconfigured via an intuitive GUI by your business analysts if changes to the transfer process are needed.

Easy-to-use approval screens provide your staff with the information needed to facilitate the approval of the transfers, reducing the time they spend moving assets. Robust reports allow you to track asset transfers and maintain compliance throughout the process.

Accelerate Asset Transfers and Improve Service Levels

Simplify Account Transfers and Increase Transparency

  • Ensure security and accuracy through the automated workflow process
  • Prevent paper-handling delays with electronic processing of asset transfers
  • Increase transparency with a single portal where employees can track, store and view transfer information on-the-fly and run reports for compliance and risk assessment

Improve Customer Service

  • Offer advisors real-time visibility into asset transfer process
  • Provide exceptional customer service, as client inquiries about transfer status can be answered on the fly
  • Facilitate client updates with pre-existing e-mail and letter templates which allow for branded and customized client communication at the touch of a button

Reduce Hard and Soft Costs and Error Rates

  • Ensure transfer paperwork is correct the first time, reducing rework
  • Provide complete accurate transfer data to ATON/ACATS for electronic transfers
  • Run NIGO checks to reduce the administrative burden associated with errors

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