Doxim eBrochures

Make it simple for your staff to engage customers with brand-approved collateral

Build a Stronger Sales Culture with Doxim e-Brochures

Make it simple for your front-line staff to share product information with Doxim e-Brochures. When a customer requests information, your employees can easily send a cost-effective electronic brochure right to their inbox through the Doxim e-Brochures solution, then track the customer’s interactions with the offer and follow up as needed. It’s ideal for deployment to tellers, investment advisors, customer service representatives and call centers – or even for online self-service.

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Doxim eBrochure Features

Mobile-Friendly Design

Templates with responsive design means Doxim e-Brochures look great on mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

Customer Engagement Tracking

Measure the effectiveness of your brochures, and identify which customers are most engaged, so you can follow up with the warmest leads.

Personalization Options

Add a personalized message, or use variable content to make every brochure feel tailored for the recipient and their needs.

Multi-channel Distribution

eBrochures can be distributed by tellers, investment advisors, CSRs and call center reps – or even made available on your website for online self-service.

Easy Configuration & Adjustment

Keep your brochures current and specific, as changes to the content of the e-Brochure can be made instantly without incurring the cost of reprinting and distribution.

Employee Success Reporting

Monitor how effectively your staff members are distributing your collateral, so you can reward top performers and coach those who need a bit more help.

See Doxim’s eBrochures in Action

See how cost-effective, trackable e-Brochures can increase your conversion rates and make it easier for your staff to sell effectively across all channels. If you have questions, our product specialists would love to answer them. Give us a call at 1866 475 9876.