Client Support Services for Customer Communication Management (CCM)

Client Support Services for CCM

Want to optimize your CCM success? Doxim has the resources to help you.

Maximize Success using Doxim’s Customer Communication Management Client Support Services

Doxim provides a full range of technical and support services that are designed to help you get the best results from our CCM platform.

Our project teams include experts that can assist in the design, deployment, testing and monitoring of your CCM initiatives.

We are specialists in project automation and employ advanced email deliverability techniques to ensure your messages get delivered.

Doxim’s convenient, scalable software is supported by platform engineers who are qualified to advise on how to derive maximum benefit from our next generation SaaS technology platform.


Get the Most Out of Your Investment in Doxim’s CCM Solutions

Doxim’s client support services for CCM include technical expertise and experience that will help you get the most out of your investment in Doxim’s products.

Project support

We will assign a project team to work with you during the initiation and ongoing support of projects; providing design, development, integration, automation, project management, testing and training services.

Application support

Our CCM platforms are hosted in secure, top-notch data centers. Our application support specialists will assist you to maximize the value of your CCM investment.

Message deliverability

Getting a legitimate email delivered to your customer is a specialized task. We take care of the technical aspects of message deliverability and will help ensure your content, sender score and spam filters don’t impact email deliverability, nor hinder the effectiveness of your communication.


As integration specialists, we will work with you to create a streamlined, efficient process within the parameters of your data and integration requirements.

Doxim automation experts will assist in defining the data flows, security requirements and reporting parameters, for a fully automated and scalable process.

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