eBook: 3 Ways Financial CRM Drives Growth For Banks And Credit Unions

When evaluating CRM solutions, don’t overlook the importance of industry focus! CRM that is purpose-built for banks and credit unions includes pre-built support for industry-specific processes, workflows, and integrations, so you can rapidly and affordably achieve the sales, marketing, and…

White Paper: The Role Of Your Enterprise CRM System In Improving Customer Experience

Removing friction from the customer journey is one of the key priorities for banking executives today. To achieve that through consistent service, omnichannel engagement, and personalization at scale, banks require technology that will ‘connect all dots’, such as an enterprise-wide…

See How Credit Unions Are Finding Success with Enterprise-Wide CRM

For credit union leaders today, digital transformation is a key strategic initiative across the board. Increased competition, changing member preferences, and a plethora of new communication channels all complicate this initiative, however, as change leaders find themselves asking which transformation project to tackle first.

Why CRM for FI needs to be in your tech budget

The era of digital transformation in banking offers both new opportunities and new competitive threats for credit unions. In response to the ongoing emergence of FinTechs and digital banks, and the increasing expectations of tech-savvy customers, credit union leaders are seeking practical ways to improve their go-to-market strategies and their customer experience across all channels (including in-branch, phone, website, and mobile banking).

Change Management and Encouraging Adoption: the Cultural Shifts Needed for CRM Success

The shift to using CRM isn’t just about choosing the right technology. For the best results, CRM needs to be implemented – and used – across your whole organization, which means a cultural shift is necessary, or the success of the project can be jeopardized. In fact, one study by Forrester indicated that more than one-fifth of CRM problems are, in fact, “people problems” of one sort or another.