G&F Financial Group Goes Paperless – A Case Study

G&F Financial Group Goes Paperless – A Case Study

G&F LogoIt’s always exciting to see what our clients will get up to with our software! In the case of G&F Financial Group (G&F), Doxim’s Enterprise Content Manager (ECM) and easyCapture document imaging tool became a critical part of a larger endeavour which reshaped the way the credit union does business, dramatically reduced its greenhouse gas emissions and even influenced the physical design of its branches.

What was this endeavour? G&F decided to go paperless, drastically reducing its impact on the environment. This project also improved member and MSR access to business critical documents, which in turn improved the member experience online and at the branch. Now MSRs can serve members faster, because all member-related documents are available to them with just a few clicks of a mouse, and members can access their documents securely online 24/7 as well.

How did G&F do it? With Doxim’s ECM platform and easyCapture tool for document imaging, which helped its employees scan and upload paper documents quickly and easily. You can learn more about how the project unfolded by reading our FREE case study, “G&F Financial Group Reduces Its Footprint, Improves Member Experience

And as to that new branch design? You might be surprised to see how clean and contemporary a credit union branch can look when you get the paper out of the way. You can find an image of G&F’s attractive new open concept branch layout on the third page of the case study.



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