Business Challenges

Business Challenges

Modernizing your communications strategy will be a key factor in driving customer loyalty and business advantage.

Reduce Expenses

Most organizations are providing customers hard copy documents which is costly for staff to store, manage, and search for important customer files. Moving towards a digital document strategy can greatly reduce the overhead costs of physical document management.

Customer Loyalty

In today’s data-driven world customers loyalty is captured through modern experiences, excellent service, and convenience. Something which can be difficult to do without a platform to support personalized communications across all channels. Read more

Marketing & Cross Sell Opportunity

Customers value their account statements, and they take the time to review them every month, making them a great marketing vehicle, but the time and cost required to print, fold, and insert separate items along with the printed statement can be significant.

Business Continuity

Most organizations have well thought out contingency plans for their IT. However, document and customer communications management systems are often overlooked. What would happen if your organization suddenly could no longer send out critical documents to your customers? Read more

Operational Efficiency

Time spent managing documents, searching for files, and creating communications for web, print, mobile, and email, leads to operational inefficiency, high costs, and inconsistency.


Most organizations are balancing legacy investments in systems and processes with emerging digital requirements.  How can we leverage both to provide a modern customer experience through a communications strategy. Read more

Regulatory Compliance

The pressure to offer secure and compliant communications to customers is increasing, due to local and international regulatory requirements, but meeting these requirements can be overwhelming as organizations are already stretched to meet day-to-day business requirements. Read more

Customer Retention

In today’s data-driven world customers expect more personalization, something which can be difficult to do without a way to focus your marketing messages on 1:1 offers targeting products they could really use.

Analytics & Reporting

The time required to understand and manage the reporting requirements across the many different statements and reports sent out to clients on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis can be extensive, but must be done right, complying with all the strict regulatory mandates.

Doxim CCM Platform delivers for your business

One platform, one price, any channel.  Thousands of companies have adopted the Doxim Customer Communications Management Platform to grow their business and deliver a modern customer experience.

Hear from our customers..

“Doxim delivers the full suite of document solutions we need, so it becomes a one-stop shop for us.  Even more importantly, their people are as committed to serving us as we are to serving our members.”

- John Gracyalny, Vice President Information Technology, Safe America

“Doxim saves time with SLAs, which get statements out 3-4 business days earlier!  We also experienced an immediate cost savings of 15%. Doxim committed to meet targets, and succeeded consistently. We had positive client feedback with immediate uptake of e-presentment over print options.”

- Ernie Nichiporik, SVP, Operations & Service, Aviso Wealth