Variable Data Printing – Delivering the Right Message to the Right Customer

If you work in marketing and advertising or deal with print media, you’ve probably heard of variable data printing. More than just an industry buzzword, variable data printing is a very powerful yet accessible tool for augmenting your marketing campaigns.

Before we go any further, let’s define variable data printing to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

Variable data printing (VDP) is a form of digital printing through which text, graphics, and images can all be modified for each document, leveraging a database to tailor messaging to each customer. Even better, VDP capabilities enable a company to print personalized documents and fulfill orders without skipping a beat.

The value is easy to see: rather than sending out a broad, catch-all message for every single member of your audience, VDP allows you to seamlessly target various demographics. By tailoring messaging to specific members of your audience, you can build meaningful relationships with your customers or inform them about promotions relevant to their interests.

Okay, but why is variable data printing important?

VDP enables you to achieve better results with marketing campaigns through connecting to people individually. When you deliver a personalized message as opposed to a few cookie cutter sales pitch, you’re much more likely to achieve success. In a nutshell, VDP can substantially boost your ROI.

Variable data printing is your way to show that you know your customers.

Credit unions and banks possess a wealth of data regarding their customers. It’s important to put that data to use by providing their customers with information that’s relevant to them. If someone is paying a lot of money on student loans, they’re more likely to appreciate an invitation to a financial literacy workshop for paying off student loans. People respect and value advertising that’s relevant to their needs and wants — with VDP, your organization can provide that.

Have any thoughts on VDP you’d like to share, or questions about what it can do for you? Call IDS today to discuss it further with an expert in the field.

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