Seven Ways To Create A CRM Training Plan That Builds Confidence Across The Organization

Online LoansEffective training leads to increased user adoption of your CRM tool, and contributes to overall program success.

Here are seven quick suggestions to make sure your training program hits the mark:


  • Make training role-tailored and scenario-based. The goal of training is to make sure the people
    in your organization understand the processes that they will need to execute as part of their jobs
    and how to use your CRM in the context of these processes. Respect their time, and keep their
    training tailored to their particular roles and the situations they are likely to encounter.
  • Training should blend organizational processes with application training. For your CRM to
    drive the most value, users need to know not only how the software works but how it relates to
    operational goals and processes. Tell them “why,” not just “how.”
  • Train your project champions early. Your project champions will be communicating your CRM
    project and responding to feedback from everybody. Start training them early so they can
    confidently teach later-stage users.
  • Leave space for Q&As and informal chats. It’s not always easy learning new procedures and
    feeling comfortable with them, especially in a group. Make sure there are informal and private
    opportunities for engaging in discussion about training. Your project champions should always be
  • Make the training interactive. Nobody likes to just sit there and be lectured to, so get creative
    with how best to engage your users in training and keep them committed to learning the new
  • Use training to build buy-in. Get all of your stakeholders participating in the development of the
    training plan. Ask them what they want out of it and how. Visibly formulate the training plan
    around their needs. This helps build buy-in to CRM adoption from the bottom up.
  • Do ongoing training. Changes to the system or your business processes, as well as staff turnover
    or promotion will mean that there is a perennial need for CRM training at your credit union, so
    make sure that ongoing training is factored into your plans.

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