Personalizing Customer Communications

Personalizing Customer Interactions in Financial Services

Clients are beginning to expect business interactions to be customized to their needs and preferences. They’re constantly bombarded by messages and emails and get frustrated when they receive information that doesn’t resonate, especially when it comes from trusted advisors. Financial services organizations recognize that one size no longer fits all in the world of customer communications, but speaking to each customer individually is a daunting task for advisors.

With the right technology to capture client data and turn it into actionable insights, you can personalize each customer interaction and provide unique messaging for each and every one of your clients – regardless of their channel preferences. Here’s how:

Improve Your Customer Communications from Day One

When a new client comes into your office they expect to be filling out reams of paperwork. If you take your onboarding process or loan origination process online you can deliver a more streamlined, paper-free account opening experience, dramatically improving your client experience. Using automated onboarding questionnaires also allows your advisors to have a goal-based conversation with new clients, building a stronger relationship right from the get-go.

Capturing and Leveraging Data

By listening to your clients at onboarding and beyond, you can gather a wealth of data that will help you serve them better. And using a centralized CRM you can capture these details and store them for later analysis and action. Then, by leveraging business analytics, you can analyze all that customer information you have gathered and drive campaigns that deliver better results.

Delivering Communications Your Clients Want to See

As a financial services firm, you have to provide regular statements to all your clients. They are a great vehicle to promote your brand, as well as cross sell and up sell new products and services. By using personalized statement marketing you can promote your products and services intelligently to client segments that really need them. And by offering online statement access via a client portal, you can make your new statements available to your client through their preferred channels, adding one more personal touch to your communication strategy.

Ready to Start Personalizing Customer Interactions?