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Need To Boost Your Digital Transformation Efforts And Enhance Customer Communication?

Let Doxim’s Expert Consultants Assist In Defining Your Digital Transformation Strategy

Get advice from our team of experts on how to align your customer communication plan with your key digital transformation drivers. Whatever your objective - save costs, generate new leads, improve brand awareness or enhance customer engagement – Doxim can help you achieve your goals through a range of strategic consulting and advisory services that will boost your digital transformation efforts.

With many years of practical experience in digital transformation strategy and communication, across industries and continents, our extensive knowledge base allows us to quickly identify what works (and what doesn’t).

Achieve measurable return on investment for digital transformation


Customer Communication Journey Mapping 

Understanding your customer journeys and the communication that supports them is crucial. Journey mapping helps to highlight gaps in your customer touch-points and identify opportunities for enhancement. 

When last did you assess your customer communication journeys to enhance customer experience?

Full service email marketing

Email marketing as a Communication Strategy

Email marketing is a key component of your omnichannel communication strategy.

Our experts can advise on user experience (UX) design that drives engagement, achieves results and adheres to best practice guidelines.

Want to leverage email marketing to boost your omnichannel strategy?

Personalization icon

Data Readiness & Personalization

Data is the main driver of hyper-personalization and ultimately, customer engagement.

Let Doxim help you leverage your data to create personalized communications that improve customer engagement and deliver results.

Are you getting maximum value from your customer data?

Paperless adoption icon

Paperless Adoption

Encouraging customers to move to digital channels is key to your digital transformation success.

Digital communication not only offers customers new ways to engage and an enhanced CX; it also results in significant savings on postage.

Want to encourage customers to adopt digital channels and go paperless?

Redesign your patient statements

Creative Design and CX

Digital design has a significant impact on your customer experience, which is key to customer engagement.

When digital design works hand in hand with content and relevance, you will achieve the desired outcomes of each communication.

Need insight into how creative design impacts your CX?