Statement Based Marketing

Using Statements to Deliver Relevant, Timely Marketing Messages

Research shows that most financial service customers spend a significant amount of time reviewing statements that they receive. So it makes good sense to include promotional material in the same envelope as the statement. To capitalize on this, many organizations have refocused their statement marketing efforts to regularly include promotional materials along with the statements that they mail to their clients.

However, more often than not, these expensive printed inserts end up in the recycle bin. Why is this? Firstly, the statement is the main focus of attention, because it contains information that is both personal and important so customers set the inserts aside and don’t read them. Secondly, customers receive so many inserts from so many organizations that they just choose to ignore them.

In today’s competitive climate, organizations need to find new approaches that help them get the most out of their promotional campaigns, communicate more effectively with clients and increase customer loyalty, while minding their costs. Doxim’s Statement Based Marketing solution is the answer.

Doxim Statement Based Marketing

Doxim Statement Based Marketing is an innovative offering that enables you to improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns – and reduce costs associated with pre-printed inserts – by placing targeted, relevant marketing messages directly onto statements in both printed and electronic formats.

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Targeted, Relevant Marketing Campaigns

Using Doxim Statement Based Marketing, multiple messages, including image based messages, can be included in different marketing message zones on a statement. These messages can be selected based on the customer variables available in the back-end system data stream (e.g. age, gender, location etc), providing almost infinite possibilities for the number and type of messages that can appear on any given statement.

Doxim Statement Based Marketing helps you market more effectively by:

Enhancing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
• Targeted marketing messages on customer statements support marketing campaigns
Improving customer loyalty and retention
• On-statement marketing helps drive customer loyalty, satisfaction, and retention
Decreasing costs
• Reduce the costs associated with printing/storage/management of statement inserts
Minimizing your carbon footprint
• No need for additional printed marketing materials to be included with printed statements


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