eInserts and eNewsletters

A New Way To Market To Your eStatement Customers

When customers decide to only receive their bills/statement online it makes it a challenge to expose them to the marketing materials that you typically insert with printed bills/statements. Doxim eInserts solves this problem by appending insert content to the end of an electronic bill/statement.

Doxim eInserts and eNewsletters

Doxim eInserts appends insert content to the end of an electronic bill/statement so that it can be viewed online when the PDF of the eStatement is opened. The Doxim eInsert functionality works by dynamically appending eInsert content to the statement at the point it is opened by a customer. This means that the PDF copies of statements need not be created with the insert content already included, greatly reducing data storage requirements and therefore cost. The same capability and approach can also be used to append a newsletter to an online statement.

Inline Printing

Doxim can also print Inserts and Newsletters ‘inline’ with a statement so that they become an integral part of paper statements that are delivered by mail. This saves money by avoiding the need to print, distribute and insert Inserts and Newsletters as separate items along with the printed statement.

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Doxim eInserts and eNewsletters provide a valuable addition to your eStatement initiatives by:

  • Allowing promotional inserts and other customer communications to be easily appended to online statements
  • Enabling customers who only view their statements online to see and act upon promotional inserts
  • Including dynamic links to online content, allowing the recipient to respond in real time to promotions that interest them


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