Check Image Processing

Streamlining Check Image Processing For Easy Online Access

As check images continue to replace physical checks, financial service providers need to embrace new technologies to facilitate daily check image processing and management and reduce the amount of staff time spent on administering check image related processes. Doxim’s Daily Check Image Processing Service helps organizations streamline check image related processes, facilitate the audit process and reduce storage costs.

Doxim Daily Check Image Processing

The Doxim Daily Check Image Processing Service streamlines the task of daily batch processing of check images for you. Doxim downloads the check images directly from your clearing agent and then uploads these to the Doxim Enterprise Content Manager (ECM) archive for almost immediate multi-branch online access. The end result is a faster, more accurate, and affordable method of check processing, with less demand for staff intervention.

“The Doxim Cheque Processing Service has helped reduce exceptions and has streamlined our overall process.” Rachel Metzger, Mennonite & Savings Credit Union

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Split Screen Signature Verification

Split screen capability allows you to view check images and customer signature card at the same time, for easy signature verification. You can also view multiple signature cards on accounts that require more than one signature.

Advanced Exceptions Identification

Easy access to check images online means you can flag exceptions in advance of statement production runs, minimizing delays in statement delivery (e.g. flagging NSF checks so they aren’t appended to the statement)

Exceptions Matching

Having fast, secure and easy access to all check images online makes it much easier to process any exceptions identified in your month end statement run, leading to faster account reconciliation.

By using Doxim check processing, coupled with the Doxim ECM archive, organizations can benefit in a number of areas including:

Check Image Statements
With all check images in the Doxim ECM archive, it’s easy to create professional looking check image statements for output to print and online access.
Streamlined Audit Process
Doxim Check Image Processing services facilitates the audit process, enabling auditors to access whatever checks they need to see right from their computer terminal.
Longer Term Access to Check Images
Most clearing agents only provide access to check images for around 30 to 60 days; on the Doxim ECM archive they can be accessed for up to seven years.
Reduced Storage Costs for Physical Checks
With all your check images in a central online archive, the need for physical storage space is virtually eliminated, dramatically reducing the cost and space needed.

Three Flexible Service Level Options:

Level One – Self Service

Access via the Doxim ECM, allows for Manual flagging and tagging for statement exclusion.
Manual item repair (ie. MICR and clearing data).

Level Two – Portal Integration with Web Portal or CRM System

Adds the convenience of integration with a Web Portal or CRM System, making it easier for staff to access check images when required.

Level Three – Automated Service

Adds automatic integration with core banking system to allow customers to ‘click to view’ a check directly within their account transaction log on the banking portal.