Doxim Statement Solutions

When determining a customer communications strategy, organizations recognise that one of the most important documents that they distribute on a regular basis is their business statements, which includes critical documents such as bank statements and investment updates. These high-volume, system generated print and mail pieces must be mailed monthly, quarterly or annually. It’s important that organizations distribute them both regularly and consistently to demonstrate ongoing compliance with the regulatory mandates related to informational updates to customers. And statements provide a great opportunity to enhance customer communications with highly personalized, enticing marketing messages and value added content.

Doxim started business as a statement services provider so we have a long and successful history developing and delivering statement output solutions. This has allowed us to gain a deep understanding of the imperatives surrounding both print and online statement output and develop many value-added statement services that help our clients to run more efficiently and reduce the considerable costs associated with statement production and output. With best-in-class business statements, available to customers through their preferred channel at their convenience, organizations can enhance customer service, increase customer loyalty, and use statement marketing zones to promote cross-sell/up-sell offers.

Doxim statement solutions include:


To accommodate the increasing demand for paper statement opt-out, Doxim offers advanced eDelivery services via our secure, cloud-based document repository – Doxim Enterprise Content Manager (ECM).

With Doxim ECM, staff can quickly and easily access statements and other document online using single sign-on via their banking platform. It also makes it easy for customers to access their eStatements online via their banking or brokerage portal. Doxim eStatements will save money, improve staff efficiency, and enhance your customer service.

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eInserts and eNewsletters

Doxim eInserts allows insert materials to be appended to the end of an electronic statement for viewing online. The same capability can be used to append a newsletter to an eStatement. This saves all the production, storage, distribution and letter shop costs associated with hard copy inserts and newsletters. It also allows customers who have opted out from paper statements to still see and act on promotional materials.

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Better Looking Statements

The Doxim Enhanced Statement Design and Composition service converts difficult to read, unattractive statements into attractive, easy to read statements complete with integrated, targeted marketing messages. Better looking statements are easier to read and help communicate an organizations marketing messages more effectively to customers.

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Statement Based Marketing

The Statement Based Marketing service is an innovative offering that enables financial service providers to improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, and reduce the costs associated with pre-printed inserts, by placing targeted, relevant marketing messages directly onto statements in both printed and electronic formats.

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Check Processing & Exceptions Matching

The Doxim Daily Check Processing service facilitates the daily batch processing of check images received from a service provider, uploading them in near real-time to Doxim ECM. This facilitates exception management processes as well as eStatement adoption, as check images can be easily appended to the eStatement PDF.

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Secure Print Output

Doxim’s Secure Print service responds to market demand from financial service providers for an integrated end-to-end solution to help manage the production and delivery of statements and related communications. Secure Print is an integrated service offering comprising:

  • Data Conversion and Optimization
  • High Speed Print and Electronic Document Production
  • Collateral Inserting Solutions
  • Black & White or Color Printing
  • Differential Bundling and House-Holding
  • Distribution Logistics and Hold Mail Services

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In-line Inserts/Newsletters

The In-line Inserts/Newsletters service allows your inserts and newsletters to be printed in-line with the statement itself, so that they become an integral part of paper statements that are delivered by mail. This saves money, by avoiding the need to print, distribute, fold and insert these documents as separate items along with the printed statement.

Data Insertion and Data Merging

Doxim’s Data insertion process allows a supplementary data stream with a common data element (e.g. account number) to be added to the statement data stream before processing. E.g. to add a MasterCard Airmiles points balance directly to a bank statement.

Our Data Merging process allows two separate print streams with a common data element to be merged together post processing, pre-printing/ output. E.g. to merge a year-end Bonus share certificate with a December statement so that they can be mailed out together.