Preparing Board Packages

There Has To Be a Better Way

Preparing the right documents and printing and assembling them for a meeting no longer has to be a chore. Instead of taking up valuable time and effort, Doxim has a solution for your organization. The Doxim Board Packages solution allows organizations to quickly and easily upload and share all board documents, materials, and correspondence with their board members through a secure web-based repository – Doxim ECM. It leads to streamlined board communications, and in turn, more productive meetings.

Preparing documents for board members in advance of regular board meetings can be a painful and costly task. Printing and assembling these documents take up precious time and if any changes were to be made, it is expensive and time-consuming to redo, reprint, and resend for review. Doxim has a solution that uploads all these documents to an organized repository so that it can be easily accessed on a simple web browser.

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The Doxim Board Packages allow Credit Unions to quickly and easily collate, upload, and share all board materials through Doxim Enterprise Content Manager (ECM). Once uploaded, board members simply log into Doxim ECM to review/read documents in preparation for their board meetings.

The benefits of Doxim Board Packages:

Better communication in board meetings
• Board members have access to all materials before a meeting and can review the information to be better prepared
• Communications are more streamlined and meetings are therefore more productive
• Reduced manual effort in assembling board packages
• Provides simpler access to the complete history of the board packages online anytime, anywhere
• Facilitates the audit process
• More timely delivery of package materials to board members
Save on print and postage
• Significant savings through elimination of recurring print and mail expenses
• Sensitive board information is stored in a controlled and secure online repository