Enterprise Content Manager

The Content Management Solution

Faced with increasing demands for efficient customer service, backed by online and self service capabilities, many organizations still remain overly reliant on hard copies of documents that are difficult to maintain, hard to access, and expensive to store. The wasted resources and inefficiencies that result from juggling hard copies of customer information add up over time and have a significant impact on productivity, compliance, and, ultimately, the bottom line.

Doxim ECM can address these issues, as organizations learn to embrace new content management tools, technologies and processes to efficiently deliver easy, secure, and instant access to online documents to meet the expectations of their customers and staff.

Doxim ECM is a comprehensive, web-based, enterprise content management solution with integrated e-signature capabilities that enables organizations to easily capture, store, search, and share all internal files and customer information and their signatures – safely and securely via an online repository.

Easy Online Content Management for Your Staff and Your Customers

Doxim ECM provides a centralized and secure platform to consolidate and share information both internally and with customers. Staff can quickly find customer files and associated content from the Doxim ECM content repository and organizations who offer online services can provide self-service access to customer documents, such as e-Statements, through their customer portal.

Doxim ECM also supports the e-signing of documents. Users can simply upload documents to the Doxim ECM, then kick off an e-signature workflow that routes the documents to Silanis e-SignLive™ and brings them back fully signed, into the ECM.

Highly scalable, secure and web based, there is no limit to the number of users that can access the system and no limit to the number of documents that Doxim ECM can manage.

Discover the power, flexibility, and convenience of Doxim ECM

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Advanced Permissions and Security

Doxim ECM allows you to decide who can view, modify, create, delete and administer content at both user and group levels. You retain complete control and determine how customer information is made available, according to your business rules. The result is a robust, flexible, completely secure content management system.

Customer Commitment & Industry Expertise

We’re committed to help you leverage the power of Doxim ECM to streamline your document intensive processes, and our professional services team has extensive business and regulatory knowledge and is here to help you achieve your own particular document management objectives.

A Technical Superior Solution

Doxim ECM is a robust and powerful content management platform, designed to provide the very best in accessibility and ease of use. It’s built on a unique ECM technology, based around Portfolios and Views, making it easy to configure and access. A wide range of ready-made Doxim Connectors make it easy to integrate into existing environments. And its multi-tenant Cloud Computing architecture requires no infrastructure on your site and zero maintenance from your IT department.

Doxim ECM enables organizations to:

  • Streamline how content is stored, shared and accessed across all departments and branches
  • Facilitate the e-signing of documents with an  e-signature workflow that routes the documents to Silanis e-SignLive™ and brings them back fully signed, into the ECM.
  • Speed up operations by automating business processes and decisions, increasing employee productivity, while reducing costs
  • Improve customer service levels, expand customer service offerings, and enhance customer interaction via self-service capabilities
  • Ensure content security and access rules are maintained in accordance with regulatory mandates
  • Contribute effectively to corporate environmental strategies

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