Secure Access to Electronic Documents Made Easy

As more customers move to the online channel to transact and interact with their financial service providers, it is essential that your business critical documents are available and securely accessible online as an electronic document (eDocument). Not only does this enhance the total customer experience, but it also reduces the staff load within their organization.

Doxim eDocuments

Doxim’s eDocuments solution allows financial service providers to seamlessly integrate the Doxim Enterprise Content Management (ECM) repository with their own online customer portal. This allows portal users to gain secure access to an array of electronic documents, which may include tax forms, customer notices (like term and renewal notices), marketing materials and newsletters.

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Secure Access and Enhanced Service

Doxim’s Professional Service and Development teams work closely with your web services personnel to implement the eDocuments API, which allows any type of document or file within the Doxim repository to be exposed to customers through any brokerage or banking portal.

By providing this broad-based online document access, financial service providers can significantly enhance their web-based offerings and usher in a new era of e-only accounts and relationships for their customers.

Financial Service Provider benefits include:

    • Reduction of costs for postage, call center, and in branch visits
    • Flexibility and convenience – service providers can specify which documents they want to expose via their portal
    • Higher level of customer service and convenience, increasing customer retention and loyalty

Direct Customer benefits include:

  • Faster and more convenient delivery of documents
  • Ability to download documents as PDF files
  • Ability to save and print documents locally