Simplified Banking Report Management with eReports

Every day banks follow rigorous policies and procedures to ensure secure and efficient handling of critical business information. One of these daily processes requires banks to process numerous reports generated by their banking system, which must be reviewed and then securely archived. Banking reports are essential, yet more often than not, this review process is manual and time consuming, resulting in headaches for both the business and IT staff.

Depending on the nature of a particular banking platform, many banking reports need to be printed, reviewed, signed and placed into hard copy storage. Many banks have noted this traditional paper based method of report management as an operational pain point. We have listened to our customers and developed an innovative, easy to use and cost efficient paperless method of report management –Doxim eReports.

The Paperless Banking Report Management Solution

Doxim eReports is a time-saving solution that provides users with a quick, easy and very elegant alternative to the tedious manual task of daily banking report management. Doxim eReports enables businesses to transform the daily banking report process into a more efficient and streamlined paperless workflow using Doxim ECM.

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Key Features:

  • Easy on-line review and approval process, including digital time and date stamping of reviews
  • Automated review workflow, including the production and archiving of reports
  • User access permissions and filtering limits who gets to see what reports

 eReports can help organizations to:

  • Automate and speed up the review and approval process, leading to increased staff efficiency
  • Provide greater transparency during the audit process through digital time and date stamping of reviews
  • Provide for greater information security and control than the current shared folder approach allows
  • Contribute to an institution’s green initiatives while saving print (toner), paper, and storage costs
  • Improve efficiency and reduce the costs associated with banking report management by requesting a free quote today

Doxim receives the daily batches of reports directly from the banking system. The raw data is reformatted for readability and then uploaded to Doxim’s central content repository, removing the need for your IT group to get involved in manipulating the raw data for readability (e.g. by using Word macros, which must be maintained across multiple versions of MS Word).