Asset Transfers


Automating and Accelerating Asset Transfers

Assets transfers have traditionally consisted of an array of manual processes that passed through many departments over multiple days. Doxim TransferAdvantage® is the solution to handling the complexities of moving assets and keeping clients in the know. The account transfer process is automated so transfers are done quickly and accurately in a cost-effective manner, maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements and improving the overall client experience.

Doxim TransferAdvantage® simplifies, accelerates, and automates the asset transfer process using a dynamic questionnaire which asks only the required questions to begin the asset transfer process. Behind the scenes, an automated workflow manages communications with the relinquishing institution and ensures all transfer approvals are completed in compliance with your risk management strategy. The end result is seamless and accelerated electronic processing of asset transfers with no paper handling delays.

Advisors can monitor transfers through an online portal, allowing them real time visibility into the asset transfer process and facilitating excellent client service throughout the process. Client inquiries about transfer status can be answered on the fly, and branded, personalized direct mail and email templates further facilitate client communications.

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The benefits of Doxim TransferAdvantage® include:

  •  Faster and easier asset transfers
  • Security and accuracy through the automated workflow process
  • No paper-handling delays due to seamless electronic processing of asset transfers
  • Real-time visibility of the asset transfer process so advisors can deliver excellent client service throughout the process
  • Better customer service – client inquiries about the transfer status can be answered on the fly