Solution Videos

Enhanced Statement and Electronic Statement Solutions

Want to know what you can expect from an enhanced statement? This short video demonstrates how better looking statements enable organizations to communicate more effectively with customers, improve customer satisfaction, and lower costs.
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Document Imaging Solution

This short video will show you how Doxim’s Document Imaging solution can help your organization eliminate high costs, inefficiencies, and risks associated with hard copy document storage. See how Doxim ECM Suite can help you solve business challenges.
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Know Your Customer Solution

This short video will show you how easy and cost-effective it is to use Doxim’s Know Your Customer (KYC) solution. Capture, store, and access all your KYC documentation from a secure, centralized, online repository.
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Paperless Lending Solution

Whether you process loans manually or use a loan origination solution, this short video demonstrates how Doxim’s Paperless Lending Solution can help your organization. See how it streamlines your day-to-day lending processes while improving document access and regulatory compliance.
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