Year-end Tax Form Processing and Delivery

Streamline The Process and Save on Print and Mail Costs

Year-end tax form processing is costly and takes excessive amounts of client time. Yet to comply with strict regulatory mandates, it has to be done right, year in year out.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could help your clients with this problematic task, streamline AND add value to the process, and save them significant print and mail costs en route?

The Alternative – Doxim TaxPackTM

Doxim TaxPackTM is a new tax forms processing and distribution service that takes the headache out of your client’s year-end tax form processing. It allows them to deliver a secure, higher quality tax package to their customers while saving on postage too.

Doxim TaxPackTM is a fully automated solution that manages all aspects of the tax form processing, from receipt of initial files, right through to insertion into the postal system and/or upload to an online document repository.

Value–Added Capabilities

Tax Form Merges
Doxim TaxPackTM allows multiple form types to be merged into one print output, which in turn allows all the forms to be placed in one envelope. Think of how much you can save your clients by sending all your tax forms in one envelope vs. mailing each one out separately!

Security Cover Sheet With Logo
All merged tax form mailings have a custom printed cover sheet that lists the documents enclosed, with a properly formatted address box, positioned for your client’s standard #10 envelope. This ensures that sensitive data is kept away from prying eyes. It can also incorporate your client’s company logo and a custom letter text.

Pull By Account#, IA Code, CUSIP #

Tax form file can be segmented, based on data elements within the file, to accommodate additional value added options, e.g.:

  • Pull forms for high net worth clients for courier or hand delivery
  • Split the file based on language preference and add cover sheet content in the right language

Output Validated by OMR and Security Sequence Number
All tax forms processed through Doxim TaxPackTM are subject to OMR, security sequence numbering and dual camera validation to ensure the highest integrity for your sensitive information.

Real-Time Online Status Reporting
Doxim TaxPackTM makes it easy to let your clients know where their tax forms are. They simply log into the online user portal to obtain a real-time update on the current production status of each of their jobs.

Put Client Tax Forms On-Line
Completed tax forms can be converted to PDF and uploaded to Doxim Enterprise Content Manager, other document management systems, or an FTP site. We can also deliver PDF files on fully indexed and searchable optical media.

Doxim TaxPackTM is the ideal solution to streamline all your client’s year-end tax form processing and distribution activities. It’s easy to use, highly secure and wraps integrity, flexibility and value around the tax form process, while offering the opportunity for significant savings too.

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