Enterprise Content Management for Service Providers

Easy Online Document Management for Your Clients’ Staff and Customers

The need to provide customers with online access documents, images, and files is an ongoing issue for many Service Providers. Either they don’t have a suitable offering or the one they have is not sufficiently comprehensive to provide online document access to both their direct clients and their client’s customers -the latter often needing to be provided via a banking system portal.

To address these issues, Service providers need to embrace new content management tools, technologies and processes to efficiently deliver easy, secure and instant access to online documents to meet the expectations of all these stakeholders.

The Content Management Solution

Doxim is a leading provider of content management products and services targeted at the financial service provider. Backed by a deep understanding of the technology, business and regulatory needs of the financial services sector, Doxim Enterprise Content Manager (ECM) has become the trusted choice for many Service Providers content management needs.

Doxim ECM is a comprehensive, web based, enterprise content management solution that enables organizations to easily capture, store, search and share all internal files and member information – safely and securely via an online repository.

Doxim ECM helps your clients to:

  • Streamline how content is stored, shared and accessed across all their departments and branches
  • Speed up operations by automating business processes and decisions, increasing employee productivity, while reducing costs
  • Improve customer service levels, expand customer service offerings, and enhance customer interaction via self-service capabilities
  • Ensure content security and access rules are maintained in accordance with regulatory mandates
  • Contribute effectively to corporate environmental strategies

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