Communication Management Challenges for Service Providers

How to Grow Your Document Services Business and Keep Your Clients Happy

Many Service Providers and Independent Service Organizations enjoy positive, long-standing customer relationships, forged on the back of their statement processing services. These relationships could, however, be strengthened by providing clients with a more complete customer communication creation and delivery offering.

Most of these Service Providers also have some client relationships that aren’t quite so rosy. These are the customers that view statement processing as a commodity – buying on price, and ready and willing to jump ship to the lowest bidder. For these clients, the Service Provider needs new offerings to improve customer loyalty and bolster flagging margins.

Unfortunately, developing new products and services is not easy. Many Service Providers are tied to home grown document processing environments that are heavily dependent on custom coding and disparate applications, making the addition of new capabilities both time consuming and difficult.

The Solution – Doxim Document Factory

Doxim Document Factory (DDF) makes creating customer communication easy. It was designed and built specifically for service providers, to help them streamline their end-to-end production processing environments. It automates the management of document composition, conversion, routing and output, from the time files are collected and marshaled from various financial, image and scanning systems through to the time that files are printed and/or uploaded onto an online archive.

If you create intelligent, personalized communications for your clients, you should consider DDF to help save time, improve quality and remove costs from you current document management and output processes.

With DDF, you can stop depending on manual processes for these complex repetitive tasks, allowing you to effortlessly scale your businesses to meet the high volume production requirements of current and future financial service and other customers.

Who Needs Doxim Document Factory?

Mid to large sized Service Provider/ Independent Service Organization that create customer communications for their clients on a scheduled basis will benefit from the integration of DDF into their document processing environment.

Doxim Document Factory helps you to improve your digital marketing capabilities and enhance your value proposition while continuing to provide timely and reliable service to your customers.

DDF can be rolled out as a complete, integrated end-to-end solution for all your document processing activities, or can simply provide a control framework to better manage your end-to-end process, while you retain key applications to handle things like document composition or print output.

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