Customer Communications Management Challenges for Banks

Providing Online Document Access for Staff and Customers

For many banks, improving the quality and speed of client service is an evergreen activity. One clear way to achieve this is to make an excellent impression with a best-in-class client onboarding experience, then follow this with targeted, engaging client communications across all channels, while also ensuring that staff and clients can immediately access these documents when and where they are required. With Doxim’s Customer Communications Management (CCM) suite, you can make that first impression count, and then build loyalty throughout the customer lifecycle.

How We Can Help

Doxim’s flexible and scalable SaaS CCM suite provides a significant value proposition to our customers in the banking sector, as it improves the client experience, significantly reduces costs, improves efficiencies, improves compliance and automates paper & content intensive processes.

Business Process Management for Banks

OpenAdvantage®, Doxim’s Business Process Management (BPM) platform, allows banks to manage costs and increase client service levels by bringing business critical processes online, from client on-boarding and internal process workflows to account management and maintenance,. This helps banks with process analysis, automation, and transformation increasing collaboration across business and technical teams.

Automating a key client-facing process like client onboarding can create a great first impression while also reducing rework and related NIGO rates, immediately offering other benefits like a reduction in operational costs and new client onboarding times, as well as a dramatic reduction in abandonment rates.

Key advantages of client onboarding automation include:

  • Accelerate the speed of client onboarding
  • Maximize the revenue and relationship potential of every new client
  • Accelerate account updates
  • Reduce time spent on administrative duties
  • Eliminate manual, error prone processes
  • Reduce cost per account open: training, labor, transportation and other overhead costs
  • Reduce abandonment rates
  • Improve compliance, security and document management practices

Document Creation for Banks

A key component of our CCM suite, Doxim Document Factory (DDF) is a complete, end-to-end solution for document processing including data queuing, transformation, document composition, electronic bundling, routing, preference management and more, enabling stringent financial services compliance & reporting. With the economies of cloud computing built right in, DDF is designed to meet the ever increasing CCM requirements of today’s leading banks, allowing you to provide top-notch communications to your clients at every touch point.

This complete solution for document composition and output offers benefits including:

  • Data transformation and advanced document composition – Enables a whole new world of statement look and feel
  • Output Management – Streamlines final job delivery to print, FTP or archive
  • Preference and Data Override – Enrich your legacy data streams with external data

Doxim Enterprise Content Manager

As the online repository for all documents generated by our CCM suite, Doxim Enterprise Content Manager (ECM) offers a web-based alternative to printing and mailing documents such as statements, bills, check images and transaction records. An important part of any green initiative, as well as an effective disaster recovery and business continuity strategy, Doxim ECM also enables compliance with stringent regulatory obligations.

Doxim ECM enables banks to:

  • Streamline how content is stored, shared and accessed across all departments
  • Speed up operations and increase employee productivity, while reducing costs
  • Improve client service levels and increase client interaction via self-service capabilities
  • Ensure content security and access rules are aligned with regulatory mandates
  • Contribute effectively to corporate environmental strategies

Find out more about our CCM platforms – Doxim OpenAdvantage®

Doxim Enterprise Content Manager

OpenAdvantage® for Business Process Management

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