Doxim provides the very best in Customer Communication Management (CCM) platforms and services to a broad range of financial service providers including Banks, Credit Unions and Investment Brokerages.

Doxim solutions are delivered either through strategic partnerships with leading Service Providers, Independent Service organizations (ISOs) and Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSOs) or directly to select Bank, Credit Union and Brokerage clients, through the Doxim Service Bureau.

Print Service Providers

Because Service Bureaus output a high volume of documents for their customers it is essential to have the correct technology in place including reliable document processing services, backed up by easy to use document archive and retrieval. Doxim’s CCM solutions including Enterprise Content Manager (ECM) and Doxim Document Factory (DDF) help them achieve these imperatives.

At Doxim we help Service Bureaus to improve revenue and profitability through the provision of new and improved online and offline communication management offerings for their clients. We consider each of our Service Bureau partnerships as strategic and we work hard to help them develop their businesses, driving economies of scale, cost savings and improvements in customer service delivery.

Banks and Credit Unions

Banks and Credit Unions rely on Doxim’s OpenAdvantage® platform to offer customers a best-in-class onboarding experience. They also benefit from Doxim Document Factory (DDF), which is used to create, compose and output targeted and personalized customer communications. These documents are then securely stored using Doxim Enterprise Content Manager a SaaS ECM platform that provides customers and staff with real time access to e-statements and check images as well as other key transactional and relationship documents.

Used together, these platforms help banks, and credit unions ensure regulatory compliance, while greatly streamlining the internal processes associated with customer onboarding, as well as ongoing document access, workflow and collaboration throughout the client lifecycle. These solutions used together help increase staff efficiency while dramatically reducing bottom line costs for printing storing and mailing hard of copy documents.

Wealth Management

For wealth management firms, client service is also the name of the game. The timely delivery of regulated documents like statements and confirms is a necessary task, but if completed manually it can distract staff from more client-centric activities. It’s also very expensive when you consider all the monthly print, paper and postage costs associated with even a modestly active investor. Thankfully, implementing Doxim CCM solutions can help wealth management firms deliver this vital information automatically, while also reducing costs and increasing customer service levels. Customer communication management offers a win-win solution to this tricky business problem by automating the production and delivery of customized, appealing client communications throughout the client lifecycle.

Doxim’s CCM suite is designed to meet the specialized content delivery requirements of the investment brokerage sector. By providing client onboarding automation, better looking client communications and more flexible and efficient access to online documents like statements and confirms, customer service is enhanced, staff efficiency is improved and bottom line costs for printing storing and mailing hard copy documents are reduced dramatically.

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