Doxim Connector – April 2010

President’s Message

Welcome to the first Edition of “The Connector”…….. We’ve revamped our newsletter format for 2010 and even given it a new name. A name that reflects what we do – connecting people to documents – and what this newsletter does – connecting us to our customers.

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Products & Services Highlights

In the Q4 2009 issue of our newsletter, we introduced the partnership we have set up with CGI to work on an XML Data Stream for statement creation that enhances our statement processing service offering. As of today, we are wrapping up the pilot for this project, so we will be ready to make the offering available to all clients very soon indeed. By combining the new XML Data extract and the capabilities of the Doxim Business Process Manager we are able to offer many new options to our Doxim, CGI/RFS clients.

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Doxim Exchange 2010 – Client Conference It’s that time of the year again – Doxim’s Annual Client Conference: Doxim Exchange 2010!

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Did You Know?

Recently a number of our clients have asked us to help them identify ways that they can leverage the Doxim ECM Archive to streamline their document intensive processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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Tips & Tricks

Open By Default: With Doxim ECM 5.3.7, Administrators now have the ability to set a “Default Command” to “OPEN” the document when the user clicks on it after a search. Some customers use the “DETAIL” command by default which shows the document meta-tag information first.

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People Spotlight

As Manager, Client Services, Lisa manages a team that includes people from Customer Service and Operations and which oversees all aspects of the daily and monthly statements and items processing. . Lisa and her team also provide Level 1 support to all of our SaaS clients and are always available to assist with customer inquiries.

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