Partnering with Doxim

We’ve learned over the years that one size does not fit all – especially when it comes to partner relationships. So we deliberately choose not to offer canned partnership programs with set levels of services for different types of partners.

Instead we tailor our partner programs to the needs of each partner we work with.

To do this we first gain a clear understanding of your approach to sales, marketing and support. This helps us understand what tools, capabilities and expertise we need to bring to the table to provide the right partner support services. It makes sense, because the sooner you are successful with our products and services, the sooner we can both benefit from our relationship.

Partner Types

The majority of Doxim’s Partner relationships fall into three categories:

Service Providers/Independent Service Organizations (ISOs)

Developing partnerships with Service Providers and ISOs is a primary focus at Doxim. We work very hard to develop and nurture long term and mutually fruitful partnerships with Service Providers and ISOs of all shapes and sizes. As a service provider ourselves, we understand the imperatives you face and have developed a product offering that meets those imperatives head on. You can find out more in the dedicated Service Provider section of this web site.

If you are interested in talking about how we can contribute to the success of you document service business, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Channel Sales Partners

The world of document processing and delivery is a complex one with many players. We frequently come across organizations in this domain that have great synergy with our product and service offering. The business relationships we build with these organizations span the gamut of channel relationships and from Referral and Co-Sell partners and one end to full blown Reseller and OEM relationships at the other.

If you are active in the Document processing space and need to leverage purpose built customer communications management solutions to service your own clients, contact us to see how we can help.

Technology Partners

Doxim partners with many organizations that offer specific technology capabilities that we leverage to improve our product and service offerings. This includes organizations like Informatica, who provide the world class parsing capabilities that we have tightly integrated into the Doxim Document Factory. On the systems side we also leverage best of breed products from Hewlett Packard, Symantec and VMWare to deliver and maintain our world class Data Center Infrastructure.

If you have a technology offering that you think would complement our solutions, contact us and let’s talk about it.

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