Software Solutions for Financial Service Organizations

Doxim develops a fully integrated suite of SaaS based software products and services, that enables banks, credit unions and wealth management firms to positively impact their end clients’ experience and engagement, while building wallet share.

Doxim’s software platforms integrate with a clients’ core systems, enabling a fully digital end-to-end process from the initial client touch point, throughout the ongoing lifecycle of client communications.

Our customers include 600+ financial service providers, in Canada, including credit unions, community banks, brokerage firms and mutual fund dealers. We work with these organizations to improve their client communications, meet compliance requirements, and reduce the expense, work effort and environmental impact associated with the creation, delivery and archiving of business critical documents and related information.

Doxim’s Financial Services centric software suite comprises several key platforms:

Doxim Business Process Manager (BPM): A SaaS enabled Business Process Management platform, adaptable to multiple lines of business with various needs, from account opening and client on-boarding to account management and maintenance. Doxim BPM lets financial service organizations streamline their operations by bringing critical business processes online, driving improvements in the client experience from the first touch point onwards

Doxim Enterprise Content Manager (ECM): Doxim ECM is a full SaaS-based enterprise content management solution providing high speed archival, search and retrieval for high volume compliance documents such as bank and brokerage statements, trade confirmations, tax forms, know-your-customer (KYC) documents, loan documents etc. The Doxim ECM platform enables organizations to easily capture, store, search, and share all files and customer information, both internally and with customers, in a secure manner via an online portal.

Doxim Document Factory (DDF): A complete, end-to-end solution for document processing including data queuing, transformation, document composition, electronic bundling, routing, preference management and more.  Doxim DDF is designed to meet the ever increasing Customer Communications Management requirements of today’s leading financial institutions, providing them with the economies of cloud-level scale, while helping meet the stringent compliance & reporting needs associated with documents like statements and trade confirms, among others.

Doxim Customer Relationship Manager (CRM): Doxim CRM (formerly Neocog ACE) is a comprehensive customer relationship management platform, designed to enable financial services firms to capture key customer data across all channels and provide their customers with products and services that respond to individual needs. It contains rich customer profile information, maintains a record of all contacts a household makes with its financial institution, automates sales and service campaign prompts at all touch points, and motivates staff with real-time personal achievement reports.

Doxim Business Intelligence (BI): Doxim Business Intelligence (formerly Neocog Cognito) is a powerful data mining and reporting tool that helps assess past sales efforts and plan more effective, precisely targeted campaigns for the future. It permits financial services organizations to perform sophisticated data analyses that identify trends in customer demographics and behavior, and then act on these analyses to plan more effective, precisely targeted campaigns. Used to its full potential, Doxim BI helps drive greater campaign success, leading to increased wallet share.

Doxim Intellilender – Loan Origination System (LOS)Doxim IntelliLender (formerly Neocog IntelliLender) offers a better customer experience during the loan application process by streamlining loan origination, automating loan decisioning, and automatically generating loan-related documentation. IntelliLender is specifically designed to improve process efficiency. Many customer demographic details are automatically pulled from the banking system, streamlining the loans process, leading to an improved client experience and faster time to revenue.

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