Case Studies

Wealth Management


McLean & Partners

At McLean & Partners, changes to client onboarding processes including information gathering, workflows and documentation were time consuming and not optimized to improve the customer experience. OpenAdvantage® client onboarding software was implemented to automate account opening processes and make it easier for business personnel to modify customer account information.
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A Large Independent Brokerage

A large independent brokerage needed to improve their client onboarding process. The manual approach was slow and error prone. Sending documents by courier was also costly and time consuming. The firm opted to implemented OpenAdvantage® electronic account opening solution, and scanning, barcoding and document management software to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.
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A Leading Canadian Wealth Management Firm

A leading Canadian wealth management firm was facing issues with determining how to automate their manual account opening process to enable them to scale and grow their business. They also needed to eliminate their heavy resource based process so that their staff could free up more of their time with revenue generating tasks. OpenAdvantage® automated client onboarding software was chosen to provide support for their business model, organized across a network of subbranches, branches and head office.
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Worldsource Securities

Worldsource Securities was experiencing a manual, time-consuming client onboarding process which limited visibility of account status during the approval process. Application rejections increased costs and impeded timely account opens. Excessive costs were associated with printing and storage of pre-printed forms, and courier costs for high priority accounts. Worldsource selected the OpenAdvantage® client onboarding system to automate over 1000 questions, 2 workflows and 175 business rules and data imaging, supporting advisors and head office across Canada.
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Credit Unions


Better Looking Statements: Wainwright Credit Union

When issues with existing member statements were getting unmanageable, Wainwright Credit Union joined forces with CUPS and Doxim to redesign their statements using the Doxim statement processing platform. Read how Wainwright Credit Union successfully eliminated member issues and gained access to new integrated statement marketing and eStatement capabilities.
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eStatements: Your Credit Union

When Your Credit Union realized manually compiling and delivering printed statement were no longer an option, they chose Doxim to help deploy their eStatement solution. The results were so impressive that within three months of their “Going Green” launch, eStatement opt-in skyrocketed to 94%.
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eStatements: PenFinancial Credit Union

After deploying Doxim eStatements, PenFinancial realized results that were so impressive, we asked them to share their story. Read this case study to discover how PenFinancial achieved significant cost savings, improved member access to eStatements and increased staff efficiency.
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Partner Case studies


Credit Union Payment Services (CUPS)

Find out how Credit Union Payment Services’ (CUPS) partnership with Doxim has enabled CUPS to expand client offerings, build new business and significantly boost annual revenues.
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Gilmore Global

When Gilmore Global turned to Doxim for help securing a contract with North America’s number one competitive electricity and gas retailer, Doxim created a proof of concept that would provide CSRs with online access to customer bills and statements, and allow customers to view their invoices online.
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League Data

Find out how League Data has leveraged Doxim Document Factory and Doxim ECM to provide their credit union clients with streamlined, online access to e-statements, check images and other documents.
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Doxim Partner Marketing Support Services: A Tailored Approach to Partner Marketing Programs

Find out how Doxim helps our Service Provider clients achieve more with our exceptional marketing support programs.
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